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Suicide Project.

by beaubri

23 hours left. (I’m sorry I’m going to post so much.)

Suicide Project. The name in it’s own.

Have you ever thought about is? Suicide project. That name. It’s cleaver. I would like to believe that it is that for a reason. For a purpose.

We the people of Suicide Project are almost like lab rats. Being watched. Just a group of people struggling with what is simpily death. I imagine someone is observing us. Seeing how we react to each other. How we help each other. What it’s like to be suicidal. Or you can look at it this way.

We are an ongoing project. As long as someone is active, this will alway be a project. Put together just to keep suicidal people alive. To give them closure. Hope. A friend. I would like to believe that there’s more beyone just a simple title to this forum. I would like to think it’s somewhere people can be safe. Where we can fight our own battles with the comfort and support of others. As if this fourm wasn’t meant for suicide. But hope. That’s what I pictue Suicide Project as.

When you throw a group of suicidal people together, they seem to always look out for one another. They care for each other. Even if they have never met. Its because they all share one thing in common. The thought or action of taking their own life. See I’ve noticed that when ever someone else is going through a suicidal bout, the other people jump in. They tell each other that they hope you make it past the day. The tell you they understand you. They respect your decision on taking your own life. They truely care about you. See it’s because they struggle with that exact same thing. They know what its like. And I would like to think that every suicidal person, as well as myself, thinks the way I do about these things. That no one should ever feel the pain that I do. No one should ever have to go through what I do. And if anyone ever does I want it to stop. I want it to be better for them. Because no one should ever feel like this. See if my asumption is partially true, well then… Suicidal people are hands down the best people you will ever meet. The kindest people, people who truely care. People who can truely love. The strongest people you will ever meet. The most supportive people you will ever meet. The most accepting and understanding people. And this isnt taken lightly. When I say the most/ever, I mean out of every living human being to ever breathe. And you know what? That sucks. Because all in the same time we are the people who struggle the most. The people who hurt the most. The people who feel scared the most. We are all alone, trapped, and fearful. If it’s a negative feeling, emotion or situation, one suicidal person has experienced it. It seems that we suffer a lot more than people like us should. We don’t deserve it. We deserve better, why? Because we care. Sadily we live in a world where caring, loving, and all of those things I mentioned above are obsolete. We live in a cold world. But in the end. When you put a group of suicidal people together, it’s one of the most beautiful things anyone will ever come by. And no one will ever be able to understand it unless they struggle with suicide as well. We are unique. We are Suicidal.

With true love,


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Drowning 3/21/2016 - 5:38 am

Nice read I think it gives up hope gets us to communicate with each make friend help when we can

Not interested in life 3/21/2016 - 5:47 am

sorry to chime in like this but maybe I could suggest staying somewhere for a few days if possible, maybe to cool down a bit… to see if you are really truly want to off yourself. cuz if something really bad happens and its like the last straw you might see death is the only way. im not going to debate whether it is or isn’t. cuz i respect your decision and i’m sorry it comes to this.. well at the very least if you stay somewhere you can plan your death a bit better, like how will you execute your method and where and where you will get the stuff to do it, and to ensure you hopefully won’t fail, cuz failing can also be horrible. if you are going to die you need to make sure its been planned. I’m guessing you have already researched though. idk. i know words are just words – anyway it has been nice to meet you and thank you for making SP a better place for the time you have been here I’m sorry

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