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The reality of death

by claritee

Sure, I sit and think about death and how I would go about offing myself quite a bit. But the actual concept of death is somewhat terrifying. I think what I ultimately want is for my pain to be gone, but not to be dead. I do not believe in an afterlife. I believe that death is nothingness. There would be no me anymore. There would be no me to even experience nothingness. I would not be sitting in eternal darkness, wish-washing in and out through consciousness and nothingness, I would just be gone. Erased. No more. The idea of that is somewhat satisfying. It’s relaxing. It’s comforting. But I don’t want it yet. Not yet. I want to live. But I just want the pain to be gone.


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Drowning 3/31/2016 - 5:12 pm

I think most of us want that but most of the time I think life is to painful to carry on sleeping of ever sounds so sweet when your tired of living

CoraJade 3/31/2016 - 5:55 pm

Pain is hard to erase. It takes a lot of mental and physical stability to let it go. It sits with us for so long, when it’s all we can think about. It can’t necessarily be erased, but it can be altered. Maybe try surrounding yourself in different situations. Distracting yourself might help you forget the parts of the pain you would otherwise rather forget.

Drowning 3/31/2016 - 6:28 pm

Yea it’s true did u get my email address from the other post or did u manage to talk to someone

CoraJade 3/31/2016 - 6:38 pm

I never got you email, unfortunately.

rocketman 3/31/2016 - 6:40 pm

claritee, yeah your right death is nothingness, everyone gets that sooner or later but you won’t be worrying about it once your dead, you want to live then you must live! you want the pain to be gone? oops don’t we all! 🙁

Drowning 3/31/2016 - 6:41 pm

Sorry jade for some reason it’s say in moderation :/ I could email u if u like so u have my email for next time if u need to talk

dollyhaze45 4/1/2016 - 9:06 am

I also agree about death. I think it is the same state as before a person is born. Shelly Kagan has a bunch to say on the topic on youtube.

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