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by Alan Ominous

So last night, Cordless suggested I write a cook book for zombies. Which reminds me, I’m deathly afraid of zombies. I whole heartily believe they do exist. Mass exposure is inevitable.

Do you believe?

Here’s why I do:
I use to work in the pharmaceutical industry.I’ve been to hidden under ground labs, labs inside of caves, research facilities the size of cities; complete with apartments, schools, movie theaters, fire and police. I’ve been to labs protected with sniper guard towers, razor wire and attack dogs. It’s unbelievable, I know, but I’ve been there. That is with about the lowest security clearance possible. How deep is that rabbit hole go?

So, these industries complexes are just as big and menacing as movies make them out to be.

So, zombies… how could / did / would that happen?

First, the physical side. A range of viruses already cause necrosis. You’re body literally dies and rots while you’re alive. There’s already multiple treatments that replace dead cells, or reprogram new cells. Is it so far fetched, to believe reanimation (T-Virus from resident evil) is possible? So you’re dead, rotting, but also rapidly healing….

Many medications cause devastating side effects. The cancer cure from I Am Legend displays this well. So, to be a zombie, you need decreased motor functions, increased aggression, insomnia… really, so many medications already make us sleepless clumsy assholes, so just intensify it.

A taste for flesh… this is already a psychotic problem that occurs. In the realm of things, this could be a side effect, a result of hormonal changes, or, like rabbid dogs avoid water, as a virus, it can control you to bite people.

So, how does the virus begin? Well, I Am Legend portrays this well as a cure that’s rushed to market before proper testing. It’s common to use actual virus material in vaccines. We see how quickly new vaccines pop up for the latest viral epidemic.

So before you get a shot to prevent ZeekEbolagitis Pox, ask yourself, is it the one to make us all zombies?

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1 comment

nepheliad 3/24/2016 - 12:52 am

I never get shots. The last time I did was when I was a child and my parents brought me in. As an individual who makes my own decisions? Nope. Definitely not. That stuff scares me.

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