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Dear all,

I got the first email which someone had asked for help. Someone cannot take Depression anymore and wished to erase herself from existence. Due to privacy, I will not disclose the name. I wasn’t sure of what happened but I have replied the email, hoping to hear from the person soon. I am neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist; I do not have the expertise in medication or knowledge of how to deal with Negativeness and by that, Depression or any of the problems that many are facing. I can only be a reader and/or a listener of your problems and challenges faced, be it created by your family, relationships, working life etc. Let me know whatever problem you have and let me read them. As a human, I can only do so much for you but I really hoped that I can help in any way possible. For assistance from different organizations, in my country is quite limited so you will need to search on the Internet of what help you can get in your country.

It is tiring but please give it a try. I applauded the person who actually wrote the email to me and I want to say this – You have made your first step of putting your pride aside and asking for help. Please reply the email and we can make a difference. Like I have mentioned I am not “well-experienced” in life, however, I have lost people who I love; constantly thinking about death and suicides; what is the best way to end my life or disappear etc. It’s not a good feeling in the long run and I was sick of trying to kill myself! So, I want to help you in coping all those negativeness.

Let me know and I will try to help.

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