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by NicoleK

When did this world become so insufferable? So much division and violence and hate. I can’t take it. I had enough of that in my own home growing up, and now I’m forced into this reality with an extremely amplified version of the same thing. And I work this useless job at a filthy, greedy corporation. No free time to even figure out who I am or what I want. No room to live, because I have to pay so much just to exist, let alone try to live.  The only people that seem to care about my stupid thoughts are you all…and I don’t know you much at all. I appreciate it a great deal, but I wish the people right in front of me would listen or help me figure things out. They say over and over that you aren’t alone, but they’re wrong. They also say that I need to suck it up. So who’s contradicting themselves? And I am So. Fucking. Tired. I don’t want to waste the energy on such a useless pursuit anymore. And by that I mean life. It’s useless. I don’t understand what I am supposed to be so grateful for. Can’t anyone on the planet help me? Won’t anybody help?


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nepheliad 4/11/2016 - 3:48 am

How about looking for a new job, and then quitting your current position once you’ve secured employment elsewhere? A new work environment might boost your mood.

PhantomCitizen43 4/11/2016 - 7:54 am

You have some valid complaints. Yes the world can be rough at times. There is a lot of greed and hate and violence that pops up here and there. Its sad but true. and I can also understand your complaint about low pay and not enough time to yourself and so forth. Your right about these things. We all have to work harder for less pay these days and that is pretty much because of all the greed in the world. I know it feels rough out there like nobody cares. There are a lot of self centered people out there. I wish more people would stop and listen to others who are in need and lend a helping hand. But I have to say even with all the bad stuff in life there still are a lot of good people and it is possible to have a good life.
You have to try and connect with the right people. And if you look hard enough you will see that there is just as much good as there are problems in the world. Its not all bad out there. Itsust sometimes the news and the media focus on the bad stuff.
I wish you well

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