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A sneak peak lol

by Sui the Bunny

IMG_20160408_163648 still not styled lol




IMG_20160408_165152 styled also part crimped lol <3 loving this color I’ve also reconsidered if shit ain’t better by next Friday then it will happen no if and or buts




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DoubleZero 4/8/2016 - 12:17 am


kupo95 4/8/2016 - 12:21 am

Looks beyound I have the same hair cut !!!!!!

kupo95 4/8/2016 - 12:26 am

Sui have you reconsidered things for tonight

Sui the Bunny 4/8/2016 - 12:31 am

I have reconsidered…

kupo95 4/8/2016 - 12:34 am

**** hugs*** and kittins*** / throws white fluffy kitties at you\

Sui the Bunny 4/8/2016 - 12:39 am

:3 I was playing saints row 3 yesterday (my Xbox got sent to le unit) anyway I unlocked that weapon XD I whacked so many people I was raging IRL while playing because I parked my car half on the road in the game so people crashed into on purpose so I ran after their car whacked the shit out of their car till it exploded XD

kupo95 4/8/2016 - 12:42 am


Sui the Bunny 4/8/2016 - 12:46 am

I was like “***** I just gawt mah car all pimped and shit” *runs after car* …. *whack* how *whack* fucking *whack* dare *whack you *whack* *car explodes* ….. *puts on shades and walks away* that’s what I thought

Sui the Bunny 4/8/2016 - 12:26 am

Finally styled taking a pic then editing the post hold on lol

kupo95 4/8/2016 - 12:33 am

If and but ….. Things I hope will be better for you but sui whats been bringin g you down …..email me ….worthless121@ gmail.com

Sui the Bunny 4/8/2016 - 12:34 am

Will email chu now so u has mah email le holds on

Sui the Bunny 4/8/2016 - 12:36 am

Emailed chu

mindlessgamer619 4/8/2016 - 12:48 am

You are the cutest thing :3

Sui the Bunny 4/8/2016 - 2:53 am

Hehe thank youuuiii

Shephard 4/8/2016 - 1:03 am

Styling reminds me of Joanna Dark; colouring reminds me of a Popsicle Slushy. Overall it looks very nice 🙂

Sui the Bunny 4/8/2016 - 2:52 am

Mmm slushy XD ugh I want one now

Sui the Bunny 4/8/2016 - 2:53 am

Bruh making tacos my dreams are alive right now XD

distant.road 4/8/2016 - 11:09 am

It came out really well! 🙂

How were the tacos??

mysteriousvisitor 4/8/2016 - 4:11 am

Very pretty!

Hazy Day Sunflower 4/8/2016 - 8:13 am

Love the colors. My daughter does this with her hair periodically. I love it when she does.

whitetiger 4/8/2016 - 10:47 am

That looks amazing!!!!!!

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