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Count my blessings.

by HannahGort99

So I’ve lost hope now. Years and years of therapy, waiting a shit load of money – sorry mum. I just feel like nothing is helping. I’m still cutting and going deeper and worse, I’m still suicidal and getting closer to death and my mind is going darker and darker, losing its contrast. I’m slowly giving up and all it’s doing is hurting my family.


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Randall 4/30/2016 - 6:11 am

Do the Rice Krispies Therapy. See the next post comments for details.
I don’t know about years and years of therapy or if therapy works. I’ve never gone to therapy, but I am going to try Rice Krispies…for sure.

whiskered-fish 4/30/2016 - 3:44 pm

I’m very sorry that you’re in such a bleak place. I hear your pain. But I think your family would be a lot more hurt if you were dead.

I’m not trying to shame you into staying. I know what it’s like to be anchored here by shame alone, and I don’t want to induce that in you.

I’m only saying that I’m sure that they’d rather spend all the money in the world if it means helping you, than have you dead. I don’t think they see you as a burden. If they love you, then they certainly don’t.
It is possible that they do, of course, because like all people, parents can be complete shitheads. But I’m just going to assume that your parents aren’t terrible people.

I too have gone through years of unhelpful therapy. Only recently have I realized that sometimes, you have to cycle through a few different therapists before you find the one that could help you.
Have you had the same therapist for years?

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