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Protected: Crying in bed

by whiskered-fish

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deadmanliving(hopefullyhopeful) 4/5/2016 - 11:33 pm

They say sleep is the cousin of death. I understand how you feel.

deadmanliving(hopefullyhopeful) 4/5/2016 - 11:34 pm


whiskered-fish 4/5/2016 - 11:46 pm


jaybee20 4/5/2016 - 11:42 pm

I feel exactly the same whiskers. I’ve been trying to be strong for a while now. I don’t know if I can anymore. All of sudden something creeped over me tonight and I just want to die. I hope you find peace in your sleep.

whiskered-fish 4/5/2016 - 11:45 pm

Thanks. I hope you find the same.

I just don’t want to dream. All my dreams are nightmares now anyways. I just want to feel like I don’t exist.

jaybee20 4/5/2016 - 11:50 pm

Same. I feel like a waste. Why am I even here? I don’t matter, I never mattered I will never matter. I hate myself no I despise who I am. I feel like I don’t want to exist as well. The funny thing is, well I guess it’s not so funny is that I’m completely calm. Usually I’m crying or extremely sad but now..I’m, I feel nothing. You feel like that too?

whiskered-fish 4/5/2016 - 11:58 pm

Well, funny you say that. For me it’s the opposite. I hate myself with an unsettling intensity just about every day, and I’m usually pretty darned calm about it. At most, I’ll be angry. But never deeply sad. Never gushing fountains of tears like I am now.

I’m so sorry to hear all that, jaybee. I wish things could be different for you.

whiskered-fish 4/6/2016 - 12:01 am

If I go to sleep within the next ten minutes, I should be able to have a dreamless sleep without feeling like crap in the morning. So that’s what I’ll do. Night all.

jaybee20 4/6/2016 - 12:03 am


Cordless 4/6/2016 - 12:04 am

Sleep is good.
If you have dreams tonight, I hope they are sweet ones.

whiskered-fish 4/6/2016 - 10:18 am

Update: had nightmares AND woke up feeling like crap. Incredible. Don’t know why I expected any different.

Cordless 4/7/2016 - 12:45 am

I’m sorry to hear that. 🙁

darkwillow 4/7/2016 - 12:03 am

I want to hug you so badly

whiskered-fish 4/7/2016 - 12:07 am

I’m very sorry. 🙁 I wish I didn’t make people sad.

darkwillow 4/7/2016 - 12:10 am

You don’t make me sad, you just worry me. And i feel like you’re such an amazing person

darkwillow 4/7/2016 - 12:12 am

You, chordful, and sportsballs are the only people on here i actually look for posts from and comment on. I think i’ve read basically every post you’ve made on here, since your very first one.

whiskered-fish 4/7/2016 - 12:41 am

Oh wow. Thanks. Well then I’m sorry I worry you. I wish I could see in me what you do…

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