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by Hell is overcrowded

I was going to write a long, motivational post but i just dont have it in me right now, its mid week and im already sick of it. If only there was a way to live without conforming to societies demands that leave you broken and soulless, since when doe living a life require us to trade our souls for enough money to live. I thought there was more to life but we spend the majority of it working, doing things that dont matter for bits of paper that we give away straight away so we can have a place to live, lights to see with and internet to distract ourselfs. I feel true sorrow at what the human race is. we traded our souls for a tv dream. more fool us


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PhantomCitizen43 4/13/2016 - 2:00 pm

YUP, You got it right. I get down about that too. It sickens me that adult life has to be all about money. We spend like 1/3 of our lives in schooling. Just to get educated enough to be a function-able person. Then after the schooling is over…. we get pushed into the life of working and paying bills. Then the rest of our lives is pretty much all about that. working and paying bills.
You said it right > we trade our time and our souls just for some paper money that just comes to us and then goes right out so we can have the things we need. Its sad that it has to be that way… but that really is the way that it is. And then we are pitched more ideas about what we need to buy to be happy…. more gadgets, more vacations more things to buy > and they all cost money. Its sad. Its really sad. And your right the TV shows play into this. They show us the families with all the good stuff. Only on the TV station they usually dont talk about the money that is required to buy all that stuff. So we wind up having this idea of what life should be channeling through the TV stations and moves… but when we get into the real world > we have to find out that it cost More money, more money and more money. And that means more working > more saving and trading our lives to get it all.

this is pretty much the truth. You said it all. Its sickening that the human expereince seems to be all about > making money> spending money then repeat…. over and over until we die.
and even when we die they get us one last time > they even charge us for funeral arrangements and lawyers fees. It sucks.

And well. The only way you can avoid it is > 1) to have been born rich 2) to hit the lottery or 3) to live out on the street without any comforts and nobody wants to do that.

so we are all caught up in the gerbil wheel. Work > make money > spend money > repeat process I hate it. I really do. And there is ALWAYS something else you didnt expect that you have to spend money on. It never ends.

I wish we could all just have what we need to be happy with out all of this slaving for the dollar stuff. I believe its a system that has been put in place to keep us all a semi slave.
I like your post. Its all true.
Nice rant

Dawg 4/13/2016 - 3:01 pm

The issue lies in that as common, every day men and women, our labor value is being devalued and suppressed by the rich and powerful plutocrats and oligarchs and other selfish and greedy power brokers. In this sense, I concur that we damn near have to “sell our soul” just to maintain a basic existence.

Nut the rant against money in general, I don’t agree with – money, paper and coin, is merely a place holder for value that translates everyone’s value into a universally accepted value across the board. It’s meant to replace the old barter system and it allows “barter” to be done on as large or as small a scale as possible. It may have been easy to trade 9 chickens for a wagon but it’s a little more difficult to trade a quarter of a chicken for a cotter pin to hold the wheel on your wagon … so we created money. Now we can pay $500 for the wagon and $7.50 for the cotter pin without having chicken body parts all over the place 😛

At any time one can choose how much they want to “participate” in and use/possess the products and technologies of current society – no one is “required” to have TV or a cell phone or the internet or a toaster for that matter. There ARE other ways to do things – the question is, do you WANT to do them yourself – the hard way or do you prefer the convenience and speed of the modern and technologically advanced way – it’s WAY easier to pay your electric bill and buy a $10 toaster and a loaf of bread than it is to grow grain, mill the grain, make the dough, build a fire, bake the bread, then slice the bread (with a knife that you either buy or create/make) then toast the bread over an open fire.

When the outrage of the people reaches critical mass against the oligarchs and plutocrats, things will start to change – but until then, we’re at their mercy to accept the table scraps they throw our way – unfortunately, too many people surrender and become apathetic and just accept things as “the way it is” instead of getting involved in the politics and voting of people who actually care about the well being of other humans. A slow laborious process to be sure.

There is no magic pill or bullet but the way things are going is unsustainable so fear not for our future because one way or the other – change is acommin’ 😉

economic dawg

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