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Happy Anniversary My Friend

by BlueEyes

Dearest, dearest MC,

April 1, a year ago, it all changed.

One year ago you felt the fresh air again after 3 agonizing months.  And I was there for you in spirit, as I had been all along.  But I soon, sadly, discovered “we” were gone.

But on this anniversary I still send you all my love my friend; I send you best wishes.  I wish things were different, but I try to trust this is where we should be right now.

Maybe someday…  Maybe someday you’ll remember that feeling we shared and have the courage to want to try again.

I hold onto hope; I hold you in love; I hold you in my heart.

I cannot tell you any of this, but I so deeply hope, somehow, your heart and soul can feel it.

I simply cannot accept loving you is “wrong”.  There is so little love in the world, and you are so deserved of love.  We are both so broken; the only difference is that I’m willing to admit it.

You can push me aside, but I will always be on your side my dear.  I will always, always love you.

With a kiss and a genuine loving embrace… Nan

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