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I actually want to cry.

by mentally conflicted

please cut off my leg. I’m crying atm.

2 na

Have a wonderful day, lovelies.


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mindlessgamer619 4/8/2016 - 3:15 am

O dear lord XD
You know why table salt would make a great lifeguard? Because it’ll keep an ion you.

Cordless 4/8/2016 - 3:30 am

Q: If H-two-O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice?
A: H-two-O-CUBED

mindlessgamer619 4/8/2016 - 3:33 am

*slaps knee*

mentally conflicted 4/8/2016 - 11:28 pm

Q: If H-2-O is water, and H-2-O-2 is hydrogen peroxide, what is H-2-O-4?
A : Drinking

Cordless 4/8/2016 - 3:38 am

A neutron walks into a bar and orders a couple of beers. As she is about to leave, she asks the waiter how much she owes. The waiter replies, “For you, No Charge!!!”

mentally conflicted 4/8/2016 - 11:29 pm

What did the cell say when his sister cell stepped on his toe?
Ow! Mitosis.

Cordless 4/8/2016 - 3:47 am

What’s the difference between chemistry and cooking?

In chemistry, you should never lick the spoon.

Alan Ominous 4/8/2016 - 3:59 am

Chocolate Chip Cookies

1.) 532.35 cm3 gluten (flour)
2.) 4.9 cm3 NaHCO3 (baking Powder)
3.) 4.9 cm3 refined halite (salt)
4.) 236.6 cm3 partially hydrogenated tallow triglyceride (Crisco)
5.) 177.45 cm3 crystalline C12H22O11(Sugar)
6.) 177.45 cm3 unrefined C12H22O11 (sugar)
7.) 4.9 cm3 methyl ether of protocatechuic aldehyde (my guess vanilla flavoring)
8.) Two calcium carbonate-encapsulated avian albumen-coated protein (eggs)
9.) 473.2 cm3 theobroma cacao (cocoa)
10.) 236.6 cm3 de-encapsulated legume meats (sieve size #10)(nuts)

To a 2-L jacketed round reactor vessel (reactor #1) with an overall heat transfer coefficient of about 100 Btu/F-ft2-hr, add ingredients one, two and three with constant agitation. In a second 2-L reactor vessel with a radial flow impeller operating at 100 rpm, add ingredients four, five, six, and seven until the mixture is homogenous.To reactor #2, add ingredient eight, followed by three equal volumes of the homogenous mixture in reactor #1.

Additionally, add ingredient nine and ten slowly, with constant agitation. Care must be taken at this point in the reaction to control any temperature rise that may be the result of an exothermic reaction. Using a screw extrude attached to a #4 nodulizer, place the mixture piece-meal on a 316SS sheet (300x 600 mm). Heat in a 460K oven for a period of time that is in agreement with Frank & Johnston’s first order rate expression (see JACOS, 21,55), or until golden brown. Once the reaction is complete, place the sheet on a 25C heat-transfer table, allowing the product to come to equilibrium.

Cordless 4/8/2016 - 4:01 am

My favorite!

Alan Ominous 4/8/2016 - 4:04 am

Now what’s the difference between chemistry and cooking? Lol

mysteriousvisitor 4/8/2016 - 4:19 am

There is a restaurant I like to go to for breakfast. Totally going to order two calcium carbonate-encapsulated avian albumen-coated proteins, over easy.

Cordless 4/8/2016 - 4:39 am

I like mine scrambled.

Er… “agitated in a reactor vessel until the mixture is homogenous, then placed in a ferrous vessel over a heat source sufficient enough to cause a change from liquid to solid state.”

Extra credit if you add bacon.

mentally conflicted 4/8/2016 - 11:33 pm

Words cannot even describe the sheer brilliance of your comment LOL.

mysteriousvisitor 4/8/2016 - 4:16 am

This post is pure Au

mentally conflicted 4/8/2016 - 11:32 pm

Are you made up of copper and tellurium?
Because you are CuTe!

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