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I’m starting to feel horrible again.

by Lawli

The depressions coming back again. It’s been almost a mouth and a half maybe since I’ve noticed it but I feel even more fucked up. My heads going crazy and I just feel like i’m drowning.

I have suicidal thoughts regularly but at least I have ideas for what I want my future to be like which is probably why i’m still living. I also feel like I may have bipolar but i’m not a doctor so I wouldn’t know. It almost feels good, but I also just feel even more fucked up altogether.

The thoughts in my head are going crazy. I have been drawing for the past 3 days and I just want to do this forever. I go back to school next week since it’s autumn break and it makes my head sore just thinking about it. I kinda just want to drop out of school to be honest.


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king nothing 4/26/2016 - 6:05 pm

School is enough to make anybody depressed. Biggest and most pointless thing in the universe.

Drawing is good! I love to draw, it’s comforting and good to do without feeling overwhelming.

rocketman 4/26/2016 - 8:31 pm

Lawli, of course your depressed about going back to school, but then you will get a break again sooner or later and just draw again. i look forward to days like that. don’t let the fact your going to school soon ruin your time when you are not in school. that would be a crime.

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