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More guilt

by kamidaka

Even now, in the middle of the night, my mother makes me feel like shit.

I am currently working on some dumb project for university. I’m in the living room.

My mother came and told me: “You are the worst daughter of the world. You won’t let me sleep with your constant typing. I’m going to an hotel because I NEED to work to earn money for me and your dumb ass. You cost me a lot of money and that’s how you retribute me? Ungrateful little shit” *slam*

But, it’s not like I even wanted to study in the first place?? I’m doing this because you ordered me and now you’re upset? You blame me? I don’t understand.

I wanted to start working but no, you put that restriction and nobody will give me job. And even if I somehow managed to get one you will steal all my money.

Why am I waiting until August 15th? Why?

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Deadinside59 4/20/2016 - 3:15 am

Oh how I can relate but right now I’m making it my duty to help you realize you’ll never be a failure you’re in college you could be a college drop out and you’ll still succeed me 10x over my mother had abuse issues as well she would have very abusive fits where she’d yell about us being ungrateful sponges and she should just leave if your mother isn’t as violent Id heavily recommend noise cancelling ear buds and keep on your studies I know you’ll do great things one day

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