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Musings gone Midnight

by Nusu Nusu

Absurd v. Darkness

Appropriate v. Inappropriate

Complicated v. Un-complicated

Control v. Chaos

Destruct v. Construct

Employment v. Unemployment

Free Spirit v. Drone

Honesty v. Truth

Humour v. Vortex

Laughter v. Plug hole

Mask v. Non-mask

Open v. Closed

Serendipity v. Discipline

Survive v. Live

Vanilla v. Multiple Choice

…..‘they’d’ call this ‘cognitive dissonance’

Means is difficult to make decisions because you too busy thinking about a multiplicity of choices, all kinds of equations, at the same time

Nothing is a black white scenario

World too intricate

I live in a world of greys

We live in a world of greys

Is that a negative or positive?

I don’t know

Suspect that is the wrong question

Question is

What is?

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