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Sigh venting

by Drowning

You know that feeling when your so close but yet so far I’m getting anxious about this fucking test tomorrow already failed twice and I’m getting to that point when I think fuck it and sabatage it and not completing the course if I fail again its so frustrating no wonder kids go around shooting up school and colleges

how can u win physically if your  loosing mentally ?

Its not that hard to fall right back into the dark isit

I got so many question that I need answers to

why do we fight to live if we just live to die ?

why life so hard

why do we have to struggle and fight every fucking day

im tired of it all


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Soco 4/27/2016 - 4:02 pm

I have often thought similar things. I guess that’s why some people have religion. It gives em a nicely packaged after life so its for something.
Personally I have a hard time with that, I want to believe but cant.

Ur right… too many questions.

Drowning 4/27/2016 - 4:13 pm

That’s just the start of it I got so many question and religion is a tough 1 I’m Christain but Yh I believe in God bla bla but life still sucks and a struggle

Procel 4/27/2016 - 4:14 pm

Hey @drowning, sorry to see you like this. first thing first, test dont mean that much, we often attach too much importance to them, chocking ourselfs up and doing worse on them than if we went in calm and collected. failing doesnt make you stupid, just as passing doesnt make you smart. so what if you fail the course? no course is worth your mental health, even if its to run the god damn playboy mansion… ok, that one would be worth it, but thats an exception lol. your stressing yourself out too much, i know you want to pass, but right now you need to chill out, listen to music, vent some more, go for a walk. come back in an hour reloaxed and calm and perhaps try a small bit of study, just enough that you feel a bit prepaired but not too much that you feel overwhelmed. youve got this @drowning, i believe in you.
And its because we are going to die that we fight so hard, but people forget what they are meant to fight for, we are meant to fight to make each day special, to cram as much life into your exsistance as you can so that when it does come your turn to die, you do it with a full and wonderful life.
The fact is you cant win physically when your loosing mentally, the two are one, like a three leged race, one must support the other and get in step, and when done properly sprint to the finish, you have to find your way of getting your mental state and physical one in tandem
we struggle and we fight because we are the strongest there is, not everyone could handle the mental anguish, only the best of the best, and you just happen to be one of them, we have to struggle because can hold up under the burden, despite how heavy, despite how your legs tremble you can hold on. only the strongest get this burden, because only the strongest can fight every day, be proud of yourself, you fight every day against demons and your still standing every night, take a bow brother cause your one tough ************
I know your tired buddy, but the fighting stops, or you get so strong you barely feel it anymore, you can get through this bud, We aint letting you fall

Drowning 4/27/2016 - 4:21 pm

Thank procel I appreciate it it’s just frustration this is my last test then I’m finished college then my path leads some were else I won’t give up I can’t I just hate having to fight all the fucking time day after day

Procel 4/27/2016 - 4:27 pm

@Drowning, i understand where your coming from man, i just think the pressure your putting on the might end up giving you a mental block. if nothing else get as much stress out of you as you can, it clears the mind, you know what you need to know to pass this, your clearly intelligent, your depression and stress is getting in the way.

Drowning 4/27/2016 - 4:39 pm

I no I’m holding my self back the teacher is a bastard didn’t give us no revision so he set me up to fail the question iv never heard of

Procel 4/27/2016 - 4:45 pm

well then you search for the answer, i know its by no means easy, but right now you should be fired up about sticking it to that useless lecturer of yours, if you cant get zen, get pissed off! have some faith in yourself bud, you can do this

Drowning 4/27/2016 - 4:52 pm

Funny enough I have have faith tattooed on my hand but it’s hard to have faith when there so much bull shit going on can we talk via email ?

Procel 4/27/2016 - 4:58 pm

Oh trust me i know, but when the world is at its worst, all we have is faith, and no matter how hard we try not to believe in it, theres always going to be that small bit left inside of us. Ive wanted to get Peace&Love tattooed on my wrist, its to do with a post of mine, to remind me to only have peace & Love in my heart, cause anything else just damages the soul.
Of course man, you can reach me at the email under my name on the comment page ( go to a comment of mine on one of your posts on the main comment page of the website and under my name should be an email address… along with an ip address which i always found weird) tho itll be tomorrow by the time i reply, gotta get up early

Drowning 4/27/2016 - 5:12 pm

Ok man no worries man il try find it

MyNiceSuicide 4/27/2016 - 7:41 pm

Me dear friend
Picture mentally u have been approved and now u r free…
Picture the worst sadistic tortures to your teacher as in horror films till u start laughing of his end.
It’s not politically correct but who cares?? It works!

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