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The shittiest way to go …Hey I’m talking to you!

by Cold_Sleep


art? not real. don’t shoot! I’m naked! 

– amigo english not my numero uno tongue, sorry for any bad cooking mistakes! –



I send my girlfriend to a 7 day vacation out of town.


I need some time for myself to deal with my emotions and depression and possible something else,

I will stay home while she is gone. And take a friend with you, don’t go alone, will even cover some cost

for her or him I say to my girl, she smiles too me and agrees to it, few days later, its time!

she has left the house and drove off to pick up the friend and back on the road to her 7 day paradise she goes!


I immediately rush inside the house, pick up the brown box in living room and take it outside the house,

open it and take out the festive signs “WELCOME HOME” “LOVE YOU” “YOU&ME” and cover the

front of the house with them, another look inside the box,  some xmas lights and balloons, throw them around

the front doors and above the windows. After that is done, time to bake a cake! sweet cake, and decorate the living room too.


Hey darling, before she opened the car doors I say to her, I will text you everyday 1 message, just to let you know,

how I’m doing and how is my day, don’t call me back or text me, I need some time for myself and my thoughts ok?

Sure I love you too, and a kiss I got and she was in the car, and gone.


I already know which friend she will take with her on this vacation, and this is why I plan all of this in the first place.

Its the one she is cheating on me for the past 2 months, or for longer which I can’t even know anymore out of all this lies she is telling me.

I take my phone, write 7 messages, 1 for each day, also include a photo in each one, the final message is with me baking a cake and that is the day

she will arrive home, on phone settings, I click the box with  “auto send, on set time” and mark each text message accordingly.


I place the cake and a letter on the round table next to a chair, table is in the center of the living room. It took me some time to find the damn camera

and its battery and placed it in the corner of the room, then with tape I seal off the borders of windows and doors in living room, hang a rope

around the ceiling light cable so that the rope falls next to the table. Now the fun part! Eating! as much as possible! I have bought a lot of food in the store previous day just

for this occasion, and also a bottle of laxative.


The camera is on! so the eating can begin and half of laxative bottle with it. I drop the pants and shit all over the room, the chair, on tv, on floor. Then eat some more,

and puke all over the table, on the fire place, all around the room. place myself so I will not fall to the ground with the help of the rope, and splatter the brains on the ceiling,

and windows, and shorty after that, my guts bursted out on the table and  that lovely warm carped on the ground next to the table,  with help of some device.


She arrived on that seven day, home, after crazy fun with “friend” in hotel room for days. The shock ! The look on her face ! Pale white like a corpse she stood, even a rock would

envy her display of lifeless stillness, few minutes had passed, time on camera has revealed, she finally moved, by the smell of rotting corpse and feces, her white now changed

to green and her stillness to shaking body. She approached the table, sit on the chair next to my body, and like an automated robot, reached for the letter next to the spoiled cake.


– I place my hand on your shoulder now, look me in the eyes, and you will receive a warm smile from me and my heart and my love and my time, and take a really good look,

what you have done to me!






In that moment she brought me back to the table, and my mind,

I take a deep breath and  blow the candle on the cake, that she baked for us and our anniversary.


The camera in the corner of the room, pointing at me, red light flashing, it’s recording.

She says, hey! whats wrong ? you seems so distant from me lately… I think I need to find a new boyfriend your getting no fun anymore!


My hand reached next to the cake, a knife, a move, right to her heart, and out on the other side!

Knife fell to the floor, I reached with my hand to touch her lips…


With window opened, and rain falling, cold breeze  have woken me up from this nightmare and sleep!

I think my mind is going insane, who opened the window? It’s damn cold in my room, need to close the window.


Now back in my bad, it’s in the middle of the night, still shivering, turning over,

I see her, next to me!

she holds a cake and a knife!



…I couldn’t make him talk









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Paradoxical breathing 5/1/2016 - 12:40 am

This reminds me of some of my crazy dreams/nightmares.

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