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by Dusty96

I hope this to be my last post ever on this website. For me, things did not get better. I know now that they will not get better. Anytime something good ever happens to me, it gets taken away from me. It is always a matter of time before something knocks my happiness off course. I hope tomorrow I can end my life. I pray for it. My parents will be working and it my perfect chance to end it all. Maybe sometime this week. Even though things did not get better for me, it may get better for whomever is reading this. Stay strong. Keep fighting. Love yourself because you are all you have in this world. Hopefully this is goodbye to everyone forever.


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Soco 5/3/2016 - 3:13 am

I didnt ever chat to u but, good trip. Peace.

I3lincI 5/3/2016 - 2:09 pm

Didn’t know you, but maybe I’ll see you later.

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