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Am I not good enough?

by Caralynne

Why do you cause me pain?

why do nothing when I cry?
Why do you break my heart?
Am I not good enough for you?

I search for you throughout my day, I work hard so I can come home to see you, I strive for your love but you don’t see, you don’t care, you just yell, I finally have the courage to tell you what I’m feeling and you scream at me an to what I feel, I get thrown back down, then you get angry because I don’t tell you what’s wrong. You say you struggle everyday but when I say, you yell at me.

All I want is for you is to show me some sort of love or just for you to care.

I’ve been through this struggle for too long, how am i suppose to go any further? Am I to try harder? Am I to leave? Or is it easier to drive a knife through my heart?

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inductor 5/24/2016 - 8:43 am

I feel this way too for so long. Am losing control of certain racing thoughts. Today was telling myself she was the missing peace in my heart. My mind drifted away at work, i just wanted to leave. I have asked the same questions as you but i don’t posses the answers. I wish i did. I hope they learn to show you that you are more than good enough and loved through understanding. Take care.

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