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Been a long time and looks like not much has changed.

by BrokenAngel8

I get ignored just like usual. If i want to go out anywhere or do anything I just seem to go by myself these days. If i go with family members it just turns into one huge screaming match by the end of it. I know my sis is graduating high school and that’s great and all… But it feels like if i say anything people just get irritated and annoyed. I’m trying to stay positive and happy with my music and thoughts but i know i am slowly slipping. The guy i really like. we have so much in common and weve been friends for a long time. too bad he cant get over his ex girlfriend and he has no clue how much i like him. The girl I’m in love with I have known her since i transferred to my last college. she is beautiful in every way. Pretty much my dream girl. Her ex was kind of abusive toward her. Oh who am I kidding i don’t have a chance in hell with her. especially with my ugly, fat, pathetic ass. who’s only good looks is my blue eyes, curly brown hair, and big boobs/ass and awkward personality. It has been 4 months since i last posted on here. see ya round.

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Devils_Advocate 5/16/2016 - 3:57 am

You should try and tell your feelings to that guy, so that you don’t regret it at a later stage

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