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Everybody is insane !!!!!!!!!!

by kupo95

OK so I’m going home for a week because my parents are fucking nuts I am going by myself. Enough days in a week to brain wash my husband that my family is Satan minions.the in laws are acting like y family will chain my down to ground so I don’t come back …not like O want to. But what am I gonna do nothing becuase I am a worthless piece of shit .

I all ready yelled at the top of my lungs to stop saying my family will hold me captive .they didn’t care my mother in law is already in her head  looking for a way to buy her son out of his marriage and look for a good wife for him .

I should be happy to go home but all I am is gonna argue and fight for five days by myself .there is a lot more things said but I don’t feel like writing it . I also cut so much I can give out thin sliver of kupo to Everybody  . Also five days away means I I can dig into my thigh is much as I want I feel it was need .


I don’t know if any body has been in house with the whole house hold making you feel unwanted and if you were to take knife to your neck no one will care .

Everybody will be better if I was gone I hope my plane go’s down .  And I only die can’t find my body so I don’t bothered anyone .


She keep saying I’m not coming back I can’t take any of this any more .


I’m all alone .

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