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hated bullied and exiled.

by onewhoforgives

I’m not one to think of suicide when something bad happens in my life, but everyone at my school has drove me to that thought. I’ve always been bullied and been last or never picked cause of what people would say about me and how I’d be treated like someone’s little *****.. but it’s was always my nature to fucking forgive them and shit. I started to contemplate of ways to do suicide and actually think of myself never being there in people’s lives anymore and who’d about who would attend my funeral, but that was what drove me to not doing it ,because I had friends whom I missed. I’m insecure about it all. I’d want to bang my head on the wall or hit something so badly ,but I didn’t and I’m somewhat glad I didn’t cause I have alot to look forward to besides bullying and exile from “friends”. 😀


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PhantomCitizen43 5/23/2016 - 7:55 pm

Well if you have it in your nature to forgive people > then I have to say. That is the RIGHT way to live. I had to learn to forgive people when I was young and its an important lesson we all need to learn. But I have to say > YES its right to be able to forgive people but NO its not the right thing to keep putting yourself in harms way. If these certain people are bullying you > you dont have to put yourself through that over and over and over. I would try to get away from them. Stay clear of people who mess with you that way. If you can avoid these people please do so, even if it means changing classes or changing schools or changing where you hang out. Nobody should put themselves in a place where they get bullied over and over again.
I wish you the best

J Doe 5/23/2016 - 7:55 pm

Sorry to hear about your “friends”. Maybe you could practice being more assertive. Or maybe you could find an outlet for your frustration (art, music, talking walks). Sorry if my advice isn’t helpful.

petalsinbloom 5/24/2016 - 4:45 am

Hi, I hope all is well. First of all, i really admire how you always forgave those who have hurt you. that is one trait that i always wished i could have! you are strong. every human is, and hold on to that. i know it’s hard to ignore what people say about you, so im not gonna tell you that. but what i am tell you is to hang in there, work your ass off, and love yourself and when you’re 40 you’d look back and say “i’m glad i didn’t die then.” and know that these “friends” of yours have done nothing to deserve you. i used to be like that too, you know? i kinda still am. even when im with my so called “friends” i still feel like the loneliest piece of shit there is. until i found a real friend. i never knew she’d come into my life!! so hang in there. im really sure that there’d be someone who’d love you and won’t ignore you. all the best

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