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Here but not here.

by DarkTide

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The third pic described my situation perfectly. I feel so alone.

SuicideProject… why am I here? I cant carry on feeling like a failure… Like I have no purpose.


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rocketman 5/21/2016 - 10:13 pm

DarkTide, this isn’t a bad place, and your here with us! everyone is lonely at different stages of their life’s, far as a purpose that’s up to you to invent one, there is no purpose other than the purpose you choose. making a long term purpose is something you need to think long and hard about, in the short term it can be anything.

potential2 5/21/2016 - 11:00 pm

Dark Tide, I know exactly how you feel…sometimes I wake mad that I woke up…I recently got out of the psych ward being treated for the first time in 20 years…I’m reading this great book called “Wild at Heart” I’m finding out I’m in search of my heart after years of wounds to it…I’m don’t know my purpose yet either, but searching. This book really she’d some light on my feelings. I hope you feel a little better soon.

tryingtohope 5/21/2016 - 11:08 pm

Dark tide. That is a powerful description of feelings. Thank for sharing. I feel the same way. It sucks. Hurting and being alone and being mad and feeling worthless. I don’t have any answers except to say, I feel your pain. You’re not alone. I know this website is not a substitute for face to face caring from people in our lives. But it helps to not feel so alone. I hope you feel a little less alone tonight .

Hazy Day Sunflower 5/22/2016 - 12:33 am

Lonely. I understand. I stand here in the sand, my feet are frozen in place and the sun is baking me from the inside out. It doesn’t stop. I’m by myself and it is just not stopping.

DarkTide 5/22/2016 - 3:25 pm

Why do you carry on?

potential2 5/23/2016 - 7:53 am

Some days it’s barely enough, but my only reason is the same as the picture you have with those kids…

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