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How my life went this wrong

by Ophileon
  1. I actually want to leave my entire life story here, so for the ones who care:

The first of February, 2001, i was born. People were happy. People said they loved me and how adorable i was.

I actually was a happy kid and it seemed to go all good ways with my life. Untill..

…We moved to another city. I have a very dry skin and i talked a little different from the kids there. Nobody wanted to come near me; they thought my skin condition could kill them or so. I know it sounds pathetic, but as  a 7 year old, and a new one, its pretty damn fucked to see nobody dares to touch you.

So eventually people noticed they could touch me, which was nice, but they still didn’t really seem to like me. But oh well i had some people to talk to. Untill one girl started joking about my skin again. Since my skin was so dry, i left skinflakes and scratched alot. So she scratched her arms, making a scratching sound and sang: Let it snow! Ghh ghh! LET IT SNOWW!

That kept going for a while. But then, all of a sudden.. Older kids started picking on me too.. They would chase me and scream: SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! All together and nobody seemed to care about me, not even the teachers.

When I went to middle school, i felt like i could start all over again.. So i did. I tried my best to be liked. And i guess i kinda was.. So i felt safe to become me a  little more again.. Which i shouldnt have done! They started hating me again. I got bullied again. And the fact that i am bisexual, doesnt really help. It went on for two more years, and then i had to change schools ( this is something in our school system)

Once i started at that other school, i decided to start all over again, but stay how they wanted me this time. I was pretty happy at this point: i had my two best friends with me too. Until…

…one of them started to reveal who she really was.. This is a complicated thing.. So let me say it short and as clear as possible: she is a kinda girl who needs 100% of your attention. Like she is a queen or so. And then i got a boyfriend.. The guy ive liked for almost 2 years! I was so happy! Untill she started ruining it.. She wanted me to hang out with her everythime she felt like it. She couldnt stand me being friends with other people too, so she turned in into an evil *****. ( i dont call people names that fast, but she has done so much to me) she randomly started to punch me as i walked by.. She wrote my name and phone number everywhere throughout school.. “Text this whore” “This slut fucks for free” “she’ll send nudes because she is soooo desperate for attention”. I decided to ignore her. I’m not really hurt by what she does. I’m just so incredibely angry at her.  So she  is a *****. I know. But there was a second best friend.. I really trusted her. I really felt safe with her.. But i found out that today.. She stooped as low as ***** #1… That did hurt.. Now i have nobody anymore. Except one girl and my boyfriend.

This was kinda it.. All i wanted to say. Thanks for reading it..



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Soco 5/25/2016 - 3:42 pm

Hey flowerinmyhair. School is a tiny blip on the radar of life. If u can get thru it, these fucked up people wont mean shit to u anymore. Keep posting and venting. It can help. At least u still got ur boyfriend. Thats good.

Randall 5/25/2016 - 4:33 pm

They don’t call it school for nothing. ***** #1 sounds like a narcissist or sociopath. Google those two names and you’ll get descriptions, which exactly match what you just wrote. The best way to deal with a narcissist is to run. Fast. They can’t be reasoned or dealt with. All you can do is get away. You’ll run into more of these types throughout your life. I’m a magnet for narcissists. They just keep showing up until I finally got wise and run as soon as someone shows signs. It’s best to learn to recognize their traits early. They can be unbelievably charming at first. The movie Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal is a good one.
Thanks for sharing your story. hang in, stay strong. Believe in yourself.

Death and Psyche 5/25/2016 - 4:54 pm

Wow, its crazy that people can be so cruel like that… but it sounds like you have the right assessment that you should not take in what they say or do. Avoiding someone sucks to have to do but maybe plan on going places where they don’t expect you to go. I had a girl like that once where she seemed to just want to be friends but her behavior was scaring me. So I decided that I would not stay in the same place where she always caught up with me. That I would go somewhere else. That helped me avoid her without really being totally unkind to her. Some people are socially awkward but truly, some of them could possibly be dangerous so… trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, your probably right.

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