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I want to kill myself

by kupo95

The same problems from my family are  the same , problems with my in laws are the same  . I want to cut but I want to cut so deep I bleed out I know my wrist won’t work  I want to slit my throat.  my phone is a jinx and broke again so my husband went to get me a new one he asked me if I want to go I can’t my in laws are coming back in town so I have to clean . while he walked out my head said no don’t go if you do I will kill my self I will kill myself. is it true if I puncture my main artery in my neck I will bleed out in 5 seconds. I think the puncture wound  would be small so my corpse will look nice in a casket.

I feel like I’m loosing my mind I just want to die .everything I do is wrong and I’m a liar I”m so tired I have nothing I can’t cry because it’s selfish I want to die .


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Soco 5/25/2016 - 4:49 pm

U know kupo, sonetimes I catch myself lying about shit I dont even have to lie about. Its mental, really. Im trying hard to not do it but when u have to hide feelings it becomes sevond nature. Ive read most of ur posts and it sounds like ur family are a big part of the problem. Can u get away from them or not have them stay with u?

distant.road 5/25/2016 - 7:28 pm

Hi kupo. Your in-laws aren’t helping you. They’re hurting you. Mentally. Badly. Killing yourself isn’t the answer. Making decisions that you need to make might help. As long as you stay in the situation that you’re in, you’ll be stuck. You can change it… You have to decide to do so.

My heart always goes out to you. I hope that you can make whatever decisions need to be made.

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