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I wish i were stronger

by secret me

Everyone at my home attacked me today.
Why? well lets just start with my mother.
So lately she’s been really mean to me for no reason. You’re probably thinking that it must of been for something, but no no reason at all. She says things to me like “i wish i never had you”, “you are pathetic and worthless”, “you’re a female dog” etc…
And what i do is walk away or ignore her.
Ok lets move on to my father. if i try to emotionally connect with anyone is my dad but he always pushes me away. example, “i don’t want to hear it”, “Can you just stop”, or when he gets mad at me he says, “you’re whats wrong with this family”, “Shut up” “can you just shut up for the rest of your life”..
My sister, she attacks me when i tell her boyfriend to stop being rude to me. She attacks me and tells me not to talk to him like that, when he was being rude to me! i don’t get it.
My other sister always tells me how I’m not good enough. “you are ugly”, “you are lazy” “you are stupid” etc.
Today is the day i got it from everyone.
So i grabbed i cord, tied it around my neck and hung myself inside my closet.
i blacked out or something kuz i woke up in the floor.
The bar from my closet room had broke, i guess when i was passed out.
It just sucks being around people who hate me.
and i just wish i were stronger. I have no one. no family that cares about me nor friends. i just wish that when i walk outside my door someone comes up to me and just shoots me straight in the head because although i don’t want to be here. its hard committing suicide.

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Dee_18 5/16/2016 - 9:01 pm

alright, i understand how you feel , beleive me i’ve been there. my family don’t give a shit about me my father tried to rape me and nobody beleived me, i’ve no friends and the only person who cared about me died. i tried to suciced but that was the most stupid thing i’ve ever done because fuck them !! fuck them i’m gonna graduate and i’ll leave this fucked up country and have a new life , yo can do that too. i know it takes time but believe it’s better than waste your life for useless people 🙂

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