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I’m All Alone

by TodSchema

I close my eyes
A crimson black tide envelopes the room
A wave of chronical death washes over me
A never-ending nocturnal tsunami

It’s time for a student’s noontime meal
An expectant hush fills the room
As she kisses a box wilted grapes
And yet the withered fruit I consume

I see curdled milk in cheesecloth
Cicadas sing in the mid-summer’s day heat
As I march along to a Jew’s Harp song
A venomous serpent coils at my feet

I hear poolside laughter
The scent of barbeque fills the air
I see her standing at poolside edge
The sun glistening in her jet-black hair

I stare at the newsprint – absent of color
My whole world turns black and grey
Drowning in the Sea of Despair
The sea swells up in the dam gives way

Somberly, I saunter through the gate
Searching through names etched in stone
I lay flora by granite which bears her name
As I kneel to pray and cry and mourn

I’m all alone

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