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it’s funny what triggers a memory

by Wintergirl

I just found an article about a 13 years old boy that died close to where I live. The article was sketchy and seemed to be leaving too much out but had no trouble describing the boys mother holding his life less body rocking back and forth in the ditch. At first I thought maybe he got hit by a car….but the article would have just said that, why leave that out? I thought more on it, the kid killed himself. I found another article that confirmed it. The whole article was deeply disturbing as it described how the kids on the school bus saw the scene.  It reminded me of a close friend who took his life in a violent fit of rage 7 years ago. In his driveway. I drove past the house to and from work and thought of it every single time.  Now I’m back in it…. from reading an article.

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Snowy 5/6/2016 - 1:14 pm

I am so sorry that is very a traumatic ordeal for anyone to go through. You are very strong and I hope you can make it past the pain you are feeling eight now.

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