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Ok here it goes

by Iwantpeace2

Hello everyone , I am what you would call a first time poster… I visit this site often but like I said before this is my first post. I didnt believe posting here would mean anything.I still dont but like many of you here when I read the stories it does two things for me

First thing is helps me feel like im not alone in this fight

Second thing is makes me see how helpless we all are to what we suffer from. from the most potent level of depression to the less.

I personally just want my pain of existing to just end. I have lost my reasons for living for reasons it doesnt matter to say. And maybe thats the problem but what does matter is this site and the people it helps to say just one more day I believe even we are small on a grandscale of things for this site to give us ground to feel relief from our helplessness of failures and pain I think that means something…


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tryingtohope 5/17/2016 - 9:25 pm

Hi Peace: yes I agree. I does help to know you’re not alone. It helps to be able to say you feel hopeless without being told to get over it and think positively. I helps to be able to say you don’t want live anymore and having people understand that level of despair. I don’t post often because one of my hells is hand pain that makes typing hard. But it helps me to read other people expressing how I feel. And you did just that.

So thanks. Let’s both hold on one more day and keep tryingtohope that things will get better.

Iwantpeace2 5/18/2016 - 6:20 am

Yes thank you hope thanks for being here

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