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One Good Thing.

by Wintergirl

I’m writing this post to challenge you guys. There’s a lot of sad and hopeless posts as of recent and I am writing tonight in attempts to help. I feel like I can actually see past the dreary cloudy day today and you might just be reading this thinking, well good for you but I don’t. That’s why I want to challenge you to think of one good moment today or recently.  Think about how you felt in that moment and if you want share it in the comments. For me, I’m happy because I made really good healthy food choices today while grocery shopping, lots of fruits and vegetables and a big tub of yogurt.  I know I need good food to give me the best possible nutrition for my mind and body. I am thankful that I have the means to do so, the hard part is preparing it all. It’s so much easier to buy frozen pizzas and easy open the box and cook it stuff but I always feel so much better when I eat well.

I’m thankful for my ability to take care of myself today. I  hope whoever takes the time to read this can find something good in their life to reflect on and cherish that moment. I am not trying to preach by any means, rather trying to inspire. Take care of yourself because nobody else will do it for you. You are in charge of your own destiny. You have a choice in this. Depression can be overwhelming, I know. It can be overcome. Meditate, pray, whatever you do to find peace. It’s out there. I hope this helped someone in some way. Don’t give up on this world, tomorrow’s a new day.


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mysteriousvisitor 5/20/2016 - 8:02 pm

Well, I just had a humorous experience. What Japanese food I have eaten I like, but actually have somewhat limited experience with it, and I am horrible with chopsticks! So I decide to try kitsune udon and found myself with a bowl of big slippery noodles, a spoon, and (you guessed it) chopsticks. So I’m thinking, how the hell do I eat this? It was amusing, to say the least. It was yummy, though.

Wintergirl 5/20/2016 - 8:06 pm

I am not skilled in chopsticks. I try for a minute then resort to a fork.

mysteriousvisitor 5/20/2016 - 8:08 pm

There are plastic forks over in the deli area (I’m in a little market) but I was determined not to walk over there and get one. I am a little better with chopsticks now. 😀

Wintergirl 5/20/2016 - 8:13 pm

Chopsticks are definitely a learned skill. I just don’t have the patience to learn and I don’t eat much Chinese food. It’s great but my favorite place that delivered got shut down by the health department for a week and I’m not going to order from them again. They lost my trust with their rodent issues and improper food storage issues. I’d rather just learn how to cook it myself at this point.

Iwantpeace2 5/20/2016 - 8:05 pm

Im with my niece she is so sweet nd nice to have around she kinda saved me today

Wintergirl 5/20/2016 - 8:08 pm

That’s great. I have a niece myself, she’s almost a year old. She’s so much fun. I’m looking forward to watching her grow up, as I don’t have any kids and don’t want any either.

Iwantpeace2 5/20/2016 - 8:21 pm

Yea I understand that

lifeinkg 5/20/2016 - 8:38 pm

i played with some stray dogs. one of them was so sweet i wish i could keep her, but i already have 4 dogs and i live with my family. If i lived alone i would have so many rescued animals in my house.

Wintergirl 5/20/2016 - 8:55 pm

I play with the stray cats, atleast try to. If I lived alone and had a big enough house I’d be called the crazy cat lady for sure.

rocketman 5/20/2016 - 9:51 pm

Wintergirl, your making me sick!! YUCK!! I want to die!!! Just joking 🙂 That’s great, I to have made good choices to improve my life!!! people need to say yeah i did something positive! good post!! I myself said i’m going to be positive and have fun this weekend.

Wintergirl 5/20/2016 - 10:02 pm

Rocketman, I’m glad to hear it.

rocketman 5/20/2016 - 10:23 pm

Wintergirl, thinking positive works wonders!! 🙂

Cordless 5/20/2016 - 11:32 pm

Let’s see… what good moment happened today….

1. I was able to get up and get dressed and go out in public, and made it to my destination without aiming rocket-launchers at any of my fellow humans in traffic. (*pats self on back*)

2. I had a lovely salad for lunch, with leafy greens and carrots and broccoli and chicken and tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette. (*pats self on back again*)

3. Dinner was a tiny sandwich and a drink. Enjoyed spending time with the wi-fi, doing games/puzzles on the tablet whilst also writing haiku for SP and emailing a friend.

4. Got home without hitting any motorists or wildlife, just in time to take my evening meds.

Wintergirl 5/20/2016 - 11:51 pm

All very good things, that salad sounds great. I have a strawberry vinegarette dressing I’m going to try on my next salad. Probably tomorrow. I love a good salad.

Cordless 5/21/2016 - 3:31 am

It was awesome.
I plan on making it again sometime soon.

lmi 5/21/2016 - 6:28 am

I’m grateful for the phone conversation I had with a friend. Although my social circle has dwindled I’m glad to have retained one very important friendship. Thanks for the post. It’s nice to be reminded to shift focus to the positive in our lives.

gkks 5/21/2016 - 6:37 am

Positive thinking works, unfortunately is only temporary. I am grateful for many things in my life. I have my small victories every day. They give some moments of peace.

rivets 5/21/2016 - 9:50 am

I was at work on lunch break, hanging out in my car playing some stupid addicting game on my phone when suddenly there appeared a cat! A kitten, more like. She waltzed out from under an ancient semi trailer, and sat on a mound of gravel preening her tail. She was white and gray, long hair and quite cute. I had some cat treats (yes, I keep them in my car, wanna fight about it?), so I spent the rest of break trying to get her to warm up to me. Probably looked like a lunatic, but whatevs.

Wintergirl 5/21/2016 - 1:20 pm

I talk to all the cats I see everywhere. I’m well aware it looks crazy, don’t care. Cats are nicer than most people. I think I’ll start bringing cat treats with me in my travels. Thanks for the idea.

Hazy Day Sunflower 5/21/2016 - 9:58 am

Music. Art. Finding forks. In that order.

Wintergirl 5/21/2016 - 1:23 pm

I’m always looking for spoons.

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