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by bnwB

I’m done..
Is it rape?
Is is sexal abuse?
– I don’t know

Why dad?
Why you did this dad?

You said you love me.
is that love?
You said I’m your angel.
just because I’m your angel?
You said “sorry”
sorry for what?

for the last five years?
that you ruin my life?
that it hurts so much every time?
that I don’t have a father?

Sorry for what?



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rocketman 5/11/2016 - 8:45 pm

bnwB, oh oh! Not Good! Really don’t have a lot to say, nothing good anyways, how old are you? the reason why i ask is because i think you need to go start a new life? far as what you do legally or morally that’s really up to you, his your father. decisions of that magnitude are horrifying to think about, nothing will ever be right. a lot of thought needed on that one, the fall out is already devastating, and can get much worse. a lot worse, careful.

playdead4fun 5/11/2016 - 10:45 pm

Well…u r in a vy difficult situation right now.
1) If your father forced sexual contact with you please talk to s.o. else about it. An adult you trust and that could help you. If you can go to a psychologist
2) if possible talk to your own father and say how u feel. Ask him why he thought it would be ok have sex with you because u do not feel it’s common.
Be calm. Let him speak and speak your own position saying it has to stop.
3) it’s normal u r confused.your father is also confused. It will be difficult for both of you stop that inapropriate behaviour because it’s the only kind of relation you know between each other.
Look…incest is a natural impulse but consented or not it’s not culturally accepted that’s why it’s so difficult for you and also for your father.
First of all please talk to s.o. and then you need to talk to your father. If you can’t reach an agreement you have to ask specialized help (police or sth…)
If you need me. I am here.

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