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Sorry Friends

by OneSadLife

My wish is this one day I have it all ended. Where Do I began? Im 16, Just faking everything. I attempted Sucicde countless times from anything from Suffocation, Overdose, Cutting, Strangling and have tried hanging. All of them have failed and caused pain for me. I have a girlfriend I hate my life and my family. I wish I could run away and not be affected by anything. I got into trouble at school for Depression thoughts, Self-Harm. I was sent to the hospital twice for a week. Put me on meds and never really helped. The Hospitial is out and I will run from it like I had before. Here’s my note for this world and in a few weeks I will put myself to sleep with a bullet.

Dear Family,

You told me to be happy so I did that and Im very proud for the decision i took. You told me I will find her, Mostly I blame all of this shit on you.

Dear Friends,

You tried to help me, But I was going to do this anyways, One day he/she will come and May God bless you all. I hope for the best for you all.

Dear Girlfriend,

If you are sad I am sad too, Live your life to the fullest and I love you and I will be in your heart forever,  I hope you find him and he will make you happy. Sorry it couldn’t be me and Im sorry for this love. I had lived through alot and I personally care for you. It was my choice and it will never be your fault.

Dear God,

If you are listening to my thoughts please Forgive me as this gun goes through my head. I had enough and I know you had a plan but this is my plan. How much I hated life. Thank you for the blessings and friends.

Dear all,

To whom it may concern,

I had friends I deeply care but their lives was cut short. I guess Hell will be waiting as I made a sin and not put effort to believe. This is my choice and i wanted it so bad that I even tried many times. Im unworthy of all this. Let my death tell you something,!Live your life dont let it go. Life is a highway.

And finally The Date should be 27th of June. Guess that gives me time. I have decided and only God can change that. Send me back to hospital Once free Ill find and commit this misery life Im in.

Thanks, Please Dont help me

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Bob40 5/26/2016 - 8:57 pm

Jan. 3rd 2017 , SORRY FRIENDS ?

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