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The day

by Ophileon

Today is the 26th..

Saturday is the 28th… Our 6 month anniversary…

Sunday is the 29th… The day we are going to end it.

If i won’t speak to you all again, I’m sorry. I don’t like to admit that i gave up. But i did. I’m done fighting for  a life like this. I’m done to get attached to people who eventually leave me again.

i don’t have anything more to say, but thanks for your support and love.

Kind regards,

Ophileon <3


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Soco 5/26/2016 - 4:46 pm

So ur doing this with ur boyfriend yeah? This kinda confuses me. Excuse my ignorance but, if u have someone who u share love with why do u want to leave them. Its just my belief but I think that when we die there is nothing. Kinda like before we were born. No consciousness. Nothing.
My saddest times have always been helped by the love and understanding of another. Someone who understands the pain.
Sounds like u have that no?
Anyway, I wish u well, and if there is an after life of some sort… may it be kinder to u than this one.

Soco 5/26/2016 - 5:28 pm

Alao, did u say previously that suicide doesnt end the pain, it just passes it on to someone else?
U got parents and family yeah… just saying.
I think u need to try living a bit before u do this. If once u have gotten a little older and still want it.. go for it. I just think its a shame to do this when ur still so young. Anyway sorry for been all preachy, its not normally my style. So for that I apologize. At least make these last few days count.

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