June 16th, 2016 by death bunny

i don’t know if that’s the appropriate place to share this, because this post isn’t very suicidal. but hey, that’s supposed to be a good thing, right?

anyway, couple of hours ago i got back from an alice cooper show. you know, that singer who wears eye makeup and had hits in the 80’s. i actually really love this guy, even though i don’t know him personally. i feel like i do, but i guess any hardcore fan would feel this way.

i’ve been a fan of his since seven years ago. i even remember how he became known to me. one night seven years ago i stumbled across the music video for ‘poison’ on youtube. i know this song is considered somewhat cheesy, but i fell in love with it almost immediately. some magic i felt that night. my mom and i had a flight the night after over to london for vacation. of course i already had the song on my then mp3 player. i remember listening to it on repeat in the hotel room while my mom went shopping.

well, when they played it live tonight, i found myself tearing while singing along with it the loudest my voice let me. it felt great. it was the closest i got to crying in six months. i didn’t want the song to end. i felt that if they only played a little more of it i would cry my eyes out. guess i felt that magic i felt seven years ago when i first listened to it. guess that magic’s still alive.

you know, this week has been really tough for me. some nights ago i was close to killing myself. one of the reasons i didn’t kill myself was this show, actually. i simply didn’t want to miss it. it may have saved my life. strange.

i’ll add a link to the song, if it may save more lives.

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