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depression is an illness, not a choice.

by L0STgirl


I know I have to be careful because there is something self destructive within me.


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Soco 7/12/2016 - 9:01 am

Well said. Now if u can just tell the rest of the world we will all be sorted.

Ps. Tell my family first ok.

L0STgirl 7/13/2016 - 5:27 am

All I need is a list of names and numbers and I’ll have that done for you, haha I’m kidding but people that don’t suffer from depression never get it!! It sucks, but what can we do.

waitingformyalaska 7/12/2016 - 9:32 am

Could not have said it better myself! And for what it’s worth, you’re absolutely beautiful!

L0STgirl 7/13/2016 - 5:26 am

Thank you, you’re so sweet. This comment really brightened my day 🙂

PhantomCitizen43 7/12/2016 - 10:17 am

Yes > depression certainly is an illness… and it can HIT ANYONE at any stage of life.
I read some statistics the other day and found out depression hits people of all economic backgrounds, any race, any age, and so forth.

PhantomCitizen43 7/12/2016 - 8:31 pm

I think you should bring your depression over to my place. 😉 I think I have a cure for you. LOL

L0STgirl 7/13/2016 - 5:25 am

Tell me what exactly this “cure” is haha.

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