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My bf and the many female friends he has..

by LostOne.95



Honestly..seeing this broke me..I love him a lot but he has so many female friends..I don’t know what to do..I use to find myself crying..feeling like I’m just not good enough…just ugly af..he says he loves me but take a look at the pic it’s not of me and him..it’s some other girl he says that’s his friend..when I first seen this I cried and did something I regret..I cut myself I felt weird after I haven’t done it in so long but seeing how close they both are in this pic just broke me completely it’s sad because I feel played betrayed hurt plus she’s ugly af..with all the issues that I’m going through in life I wanted to die seeing this pic made it worse…I tried to ode on mess I took a hand full didn’t work..thinking of cutting my throat but I would not be able to withstand the pain..I don’t know what to do..i have no on to vent too..if one person could reach out that would be perfect ???


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shatterediris 7/16/2016 - 7:05 am

What’s wrong with him having female friends? I doubt he is in a romantic relationship with any of them.

playdead4fun 7/16/2016 - 10:29 am

Hi. If u can’t stand him hugging and showing affection to his female friends I suggest you tell him about it and if he can’t behave differently you must change to another boyfriend whose values are closer to yours.

But I agree with u this photo is totally unsuitable for a guy who already has a girlfriend!

Still wandering 7/16/2016 - 2:44 pm

The one who love truly has to suffer the most.

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