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by JiminyCrispies

I saw my therapist yesterday and now she knows about Bree. Despite Bree’s warnings not to tell her about her or what she says, I told her some things anyway. Bree hasn’t showed up today, which is worrying. The longer she leaves if, the worse she’ll be.

My therapist did, however, react how Bree said she would. She says Bree isn’t real and is just my anxiety taking a physical form. Lies.

I see her again in 2 weeks. It could’ve been 1, but I need some time to talk to Bree and I don’t know how long she’ll stay mad at me.

My appointment with my psychiatrist is in the 12th next month. Finally. I haven’t saw her in months and I’ve barely coped. My therapist is probably going to tell her about Bree. Great. She also told my mum, and I’m pretty sure Bree knows that she knows.

We’re all going out as a family tomorrow to the zoo. Fingers crossed I can cope there, because I’m certain my mum won’t drive back home if I decide to have another breakdown after just arriving.

We’re calling the doctors over my blood test results in Monday – we called Friday and they were in but my doctor hadn’t looked at them. So I can find out whether they’re normal and I can start my meds, or whether I need to go to hospital for more tests. Fun.


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tragedyofjohn 8/13/2016 - 6:17 pm

Who is this Bree you are keep on mentioning?

tragedyofjohn 8/13/2016 - 7:22 pm

Is Bree your invisible friend?

nepheliad 8/13/2016 - 8:51 pm

If no one else can see Bree, doesn’t that make her unreal?
Next time she shows up, ask her to say hello to your family members. Also take a photo with her. If she is visible to your family members, and if she appears in the picture with you, she’s a real person. If not, she probably isn’t (at least not according to physical laws).

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