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by JiminyCrispies

I finally have my blood test tomorrow morning. 9:30AM. And despite having this knowledge, I still went ahead and cut up the arm he draws blood from. Because I’m a genius.

My mum found out about my last relapse and didn’t take too kindly to it. I ended up getting yelled at for around an hour. Fun.

I’ve also managed to cut and bruise under my eye from trying to retaliate to the little girl that keeps coming to me. I fell because I couldn’t touch her and I hit my face. Of course, I couldn’t tell my mum that. So she thinks my dog did it while I was asleep. My doctor will question it tomorrow probably, and he’ll mention the cuts like he did last time. Great.

My aim is to try and stay as calm as possible during the appointment so as not to further higher my blood levels, ergo not having to be referred to hospital for my tests which prolong the time before I start my new meds.

Though, Ive recently been incredibly numb – even while my Nan is slowly getting worse with her cancer, it hasn’t bothered me?- and thinking of this needle isn’t really having an effect on me. So -as weird as this may seem- i hope I’m heading back into a so-called ‘manic’ state again as nothing bothered me then.

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