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Save Shatterediris

by Zetsumei

Heh, my ex talks to me, only to tell me she wants nothing more to do with me… Sure, we’ve been in a cycle of: I feel slighted so I insult her out of anger issues stemming from who knows where then I tell her I might kill myself since I fear there is a high probability I might and then when I finally come back to my senses, we repeat the cycle all over again… Since I’m too busy making excuses to kill myself.


Sadly, this is affecting my feelings around Iris, as well. So, since the last time for my cycle with my ex will end in tragedy instead of a “happily ever after” which despite seeming like I never wanted this to succeed, I really do wish I was stronger to either win back her heart or to move on even if it meant death. So when the day comes where I do kill myself, I hope SP will be there to pick up the pieces. In my life filled with nothing but a trail of corpses and broken hearts behind me, I pray asking SP to save Iris is at least, the one good thing I do in this world.

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