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The ultimate betrayal…….

by noneedforaname

I found something out yesterday that completely ripped my heart out. My wife divorced me a year and a half ago and i didnt know why until now. It seems my ( best friend lol ) was going to talk to and check on my wife and family while i was out of town for work without me knowing. This guy had a successful trucking business, a wife, kids, plus come to find out, a girlfriend and kids with her. So why interfere with my life. I lost everything because of this. My home, my vehicles, my Harley, but most importantly the woman that i loved and thought i was gonna spend the rest of my life with. After years of let down i met her, fell in love, and got married. I honestly thought things had changed for me, but i was wrong. Now the problem I’m having is. ” what should i do ” ??? Lmfao. I know what i wanna do, the worst part is that i have moved on for the most part, and now everything has come rushing back in. I’m re living all the hurt, but now there’s betrayal involved. It’s like people can’t stand to see anybody else happy, WHY ??? Oh well, those are the breaks right. Or just the breaks for me. Either way, breaks suck.


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Specter 8/1/2016 - 10:53 pm

Sorry that you are hurting. That’s a terrible situation. It’s almost a shame that you found that information out, since the event is over a year old and you’ve mostly moved on. We have to protect ourselves after something painful happens, so I’m not sure how you came across that information, but if it’s because of still being linked to certain people on social media, or hearing it from a mutual friend, you just end up reopening your own wounds when you don’t make sure all the windows and doors are shut tight so you don’t find out anything painful. Maybe you didnt do anything to find out and someone just told you. Maybe it’s for the best that you know. It probably wasn’t fun not knowing exactly why everything had ended, and hopefully it helps you move forward knowing you were dealing with dishonest and disloyal people. It’s okay to be mad at your friend but your wife played a part in whatever happened, it doesn’t sound like she was forced to do anything at gunpoint. If your wife wasn’t committed to being loyal, it could have been your friend or anyone else. As hard as it is, when these things happen we just have to look at it like these people did you a favor by revealing their true colors, before you wasted additional months and years of your time with unworthy people. I hope finding out this info will just be a brief speed bump for you and you can get back on the road you were on already having a year and a half of distance from everything that happened. You’ve survived this long. I know it always hurts to feel like we found the one and then being rudely awakened from that dream and finding ourselves alone again. I hope some day someone better comes into your life.

noneedforaname 8/1/2016 - 11:53 pm

Thank you for your kind words. And yes i blame her just as much as him but at the end of the day nobody had the right to go to my home without me knowing or being invited. Funny thing is that karma has been kickin his ass lately, funnier than that, I’ve been worried about him and everything he’s been going through and even helping him up until a couple of months ago when his drug addition drove a bunch of people away. And my ex wife has tried to reconcile but i just couldn’t do it. I’m just hurt again, but this time I’m also disgusted. I just gotta keep it movin i guess.

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