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Dear God

by DarkTide

Dear God.

As a person who devoted himself to you for years on end I have a question. Is it a sin to commit suicide? I ask for a friend(who is really myself)… I know many Christians believe that suicide is a sin. That you will never forgive me for killing myself. I know it is a taboo question in the church. Judas committed suicide and many people believe it is what he deserved but it also says a spirit possessed him to betray Jesus and then from guilt he killed himself, wasn’t that a desperate plea for you to forgive him? I don’t know if I am making myself clear but you are God and you understand everything.

Here is a question for you God. Isn’t it fair to take away our misery? Isn’t it okay to stop suffering? I know that my friend is suffering. Why don’t you take away his pain? Please forgive him. You aren’t doing anything so I think he has to take things into his own hand. I do beg that you help him but that seems to do nothing.


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understandwhatyoufeel 9/27/2016 - 3:18 pm

God is love, he is capable of forgiving everyone as long as they understand how much suffering their negative actions have caused to others, and how important it is to try and alleviate the large amount of suffering that is in this realm. That is everyones true mission and purpose for being here. The church does not represent God, only people with an understanding like that of Jesus Christ can represent God. And Jesus never said that God does not forgive, he never said God is hateful, and he never said God is judgmental. God understands everything, God is everything, and he is only capable of love because he is love. He wants us all to learn these lessons while we are here. In terms of your friend, God can only work through us, if God were to physically intervene in this world it would be a violation of our free will, where we are free to make mistakes no matter how much suffering we cause, so that we can learn important lessons, and hopefully learn how to cure the suffering we have caused through compassion, empathy, and understanding. I hope this helps. God Bless.

whiskered-fish 9/27/2016 - 7:55 pm

I don’t think God wants us to kill ourselves. But I don’t necessarily think that it’s an instant ticket to Hell, either.

I can’t be sure. But maybe He’ll forgive you.

lostbutfound 9/28/2016 - 4:33 pm

as a christian i was told that God gave you life and only he can take that away from you. Why would you want to die? LIFE SUCKS. but it doesn’t mean it wont get better. Everything always happens for a reason. I have thought so many times on killing myself, but i know its not right. God has a plan! Rough things happen in ones life time, nothings perfect. You have to be patient because maybe 5+ years from now you will say “was i really trying to kill myself” when your life is going great in 5+ years! Being alive is a beautiful gift god gave us!

lostbutfound 9/28/2016 - 4:34 pm

death is so scary. How could god understand that you wanna take your own life away, that wasnt his plane i grantee. im so sorry your so sad. please don’t give in to this horrible suicide.

empty10binary 9/29/2016 - 10:53 am

I’m not a religious person so I really can’t tell you if that is forbidden in your religion but for me suicide isn’t inherently wrong, but there just some consequences if you did that.

a1957 10/3/2016 - 7:55 pm

I see this question “can God forgive a suicide” quite often. I have the Bible cover to cover but am no scholar. May I give my 2 cents worth? The word suicide itself never appears in the Bible and that is because it was not coined until some 600 years after the Bible was completed. But it has plenty of suicide events in it. Judas was one of many. In every suicide event it tells of it neither condemns or condones the practice. It names only one sin as unpardonable and suicide is clearly not it. I realize many Christians still say suicide means you burn forever but it is surely a tremendous stretch to support that from the Bible. Whatever you end up doing with your body, may you find peace.

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