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Leaving the island

by Dungeon

I come on very rarely now, mostly because I’m too busy and I guess things have gotten less heavy. There’s still a lot of darkness but it seems more organised now, less chaotic and more calm.

I’ll be moving very soon, I’ll be living with other relatives where I’ll be interning in a firm and studying up there. So the stagnation I’ve been in seems to be clearing up. Although I am excited my anxiety is going to sky rocket once I’m there and I’m worried how I’ll be able to cope.(I’m gonna miss my cat too lol)

Unsurprisingly I’m still tired of living but not as much as earlier. A month ago I was right on the edge of the cliff and now I’m 10 steps back, if that makes any sense.

For all the SP members thanks for hanging with me on this ride. Since I’ve joined almost a year ago this community has been a great help getting my thoughts in order. Although I’ll probably be back to venting once I’m working and going to school.

I hope we all find whatever we’re looking for.

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Escalado 9/19/2016 - 12:54 pm

So pleased things have improved for you, Dungeon. Maybe not completely but you’re facing the right direction.

I wish you well, m8.

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