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The stolen pencil case

by They Call Me Amy


So today was the day that I was looking forward to. I was going to bake some cookies, have a nice Bbq ribs for dinner, do 3 diys that I wanted to do for the longest time, and some other stuff.

I had an horrible month, and I was expecting this day to be perfect, because I studied so hard these last weeks for some exams, and since they ended this morning, I deserved a little reward, right?

Everyday something bad happens to me. I am not even kidding. But I thought today was gonna be the greatest day I could have. And I woke up with a feeling that this was going to work. It had to, because I am tired of trying.

But this afternoon someone stole my pencil case at uni. And that seems so stupid, so childish, and so irrelevant. But that hit me so hard.

Everyday is a struggle, I do my best and everything falls apart, but today was going to be my special happy day, and it got ruined over a stupid pencil case.

I really take care of my stuff, it was a special pencil case because there was a little gold medal that I bought from Italy inside of it.

I have BPD, and the fact that it went missing just triggered me so hard. I spent my entire day at bed, I didn’t do anything besides cutting, I cried so hard, because I wanted this day to be perfect, and it ended up being just as bad as the others.

It seems like I don’t deserve a happy good day, you know?



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soulsister 9/27/2016 - 9:06 pm

I’ve had my pencil case stolen once to and I was so upset. I like my pretty pens and pencils that cost alot of money.
Anyway I’m just saying your not dumb for crying over a pencil case being stolen.
Also thanks for telling me what you were going to have to eat. I haven’t eaten in days and cookies and ribs sound marvelous. I hope you got to cook them and eat them.

They Call Me Amy 9/28/2016 - 11:19 am

Exactly, some colorful pens are really expensive!
Thanks for your kind words, and I might cook tonight, and I would send the food to you if I could haha 🙂

Morris 9/27/2016 - 10:00 pm

I feel your pain.
Somebody stole a stereo from my Jeep once. I had a convertible with the soft top, so it was very easy to break into. When I discovered that my stereo had been stolen, I reported the theft to the police and I bought a Ruger. 357 Magnum the very next day. I also got an alarm/theft deterrent system for my Jeep. I wouldn’t kill anyone for stealing a stereo, but I would shoot to maim. That was a learning experience.
About 6 or 7 years later someone broke into my house and stole that Ruger. Ironic, no? A revolver I bought because I had been robbed was stolen from me in a robbery. (I wasn’t home at the time).
There’s no point here, except maybe: “Don’t get too attached to stuff. Shit disappears, everything you own is only yours temporarily”.

They Call Me Amy 9/28/2016 - 11:24 am

Oh, I am sorry for your stereo, I would go insane if someone did that to me.
And yeah, very ironic that they stole the weapon, and I am glad you weren’t at home when that happen. But I guess you are right, we get attached to things that will remain here while we are gone, I might write your quote on my wall so I can remember that everyday!
Thanks for taking your time to reply! Have a nice week

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