October 28th, 2016by shatterediris

wow, just wow…. My day was more or less ruined by deciding to go to circle K, got one of their fountain drinks…. And the thing looks alright, smells fine…. But is more flat than a sheet of paper. -_- That’s a dollar I wasted, and I let this ruin my entire day…. as I had plans to do other things after that, but instead I just decided to go home…. Why did something like that bother me so much? I am happy that I didn’t remember at the time that I didn’t have any razors at home as I was right next to walmart and home depot I could have bought some on the way back, instead I just punched the door and dresser until my hands became bruised -_-

Things like this shouldn’t bother me as much, and I shouldn’t let them ruin my day 🙁


I need a hug 🙁

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