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Spinning my wheels

by tired123

I have such Social anxiety that i feel like most people don’t like me (Why I care… I don’t know) But the feeling shuts me down from talking and interacting with my coworkers. And that just makes my fears and anxiety worse. I don’t know how long i can hang on day to day feeling so insecure. Spinning my wheels.
I spend most days stressed and feeling inadequate. I would love to quit my job and open a business of my own, but then the gripping fear stops me. If I don’t have a job I dont have the money to survive. If I work like I do I don’t have time to build my business. Again Im spinning my wheels.
I want a way out. Sometimes i just think the only way out is a permanent one. But I cant do that to my family. So again spinning my f’ing wheels.
I would like to try and apply for disability but not sure if that would just make my stress worse because then I would have to admit something is really wrong with me. And who knows if I would get approved or not. So tired of spinning. I’m getting dizzy and I need help.


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freeroma 10/29/2016 - 9:35 pm

Do you have a decent business plan? keep in mind, a lot of startup companies take a bit to build a profit and be successful, so you’d want to be well prepared for any venture, which does always have a risk. that planning can still be done while you have your current job.
with the ‘admit something is really wrong’.. well, maybe instead of causing more stress, it could relieve some. i don’t know much about the disability process, but you might even find some type of avenue that could help a bit, even if you aren’t approved.

tired123 4/1/2017 - 4:32 am

Cant believe it took me this long to see that someone replied to this. Yes I do have a plan but I dont have the knowledge I need to take the first steps. Like what type of license i need how to get it and so on. I have googled it but it leaves me with more questions than answers.

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