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by Zetsumei

To the people who I want to apologize to the most, I’m sorry for everything. To the goddess I wounded, I never meant to hurt you. A combination of paranoia, ignorance and anger caused what was once warm to become so cold… Was I scared you would melt me yet didn’t I want to melt deep inside? To melt inside you and to feel my frozen heart thaw in your warmth yet why did I cast that dream aside! I thought you were my ticket to paradise, to be released from this cage I don’t know how to escape from. Now, you will never forgive me nor will I ever forgive myself. Unable to overpower this damned, cursed Wendigo called my heart, I killed the future I hoped for.

To the fallen angel I will wound, it’s not too late to turn back. You think I’m your savior but I can’t save anyone! The light you see is only the frozen fire of Hell emanating from within me. You cling to me like I’m your safety raft in a sea of darkness, how foolish are you. The Broken can’t save the Broken! Let go before I drag you down with me… I’m tired of hurting others but I know I’ll just hurt you as long as you cling to me. Let go even if it isn’t to save yourself. I don’t want to kill anyone! Like the wolf in the fairy tale, I should be struck down! I can’t love so let me die… I’m fine with gaining peace through death. I want to sleep forever.

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shatterediris 11/20/2016 - 8:10 am

But broken people can fix each other though…. They can take all of their pieces and make one whole person…. That’s pre good -_-

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