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i don’t want to be myself.

by catsnap24

i dress up in this costume because i don’t want to be me. then i turn on the tv and pretend to be the brave amazing and beautiful girl on the screen. and i would do anything to actually be her. i thought this person would be a person other people would like but it tuns out no one does. i only put it on at night because no one even knows i have it.

i’d cut myself if it wasn’t for the fact my family is in town. i had a family member today look at me and tell me i was going to hell because I’m gay. her and just about the rest of my family feel the same way. i wish i could just be the girl on the screen. she’s everything i want to be and more.

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splitting mind 11/25/2016 - 2:56 am

Are you feeling drawn to this character because there are aspects of yourself that you see in her (but are closed off about) that “she” is open about?

Maybe you’re just as brave as this character is and you just haven’t acted on it yet. In a sense we are all characters in our own movies.

anyone who says you’re going to hell for being gay is closed off/ignorant human being. I hope you don’t let it get you

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