One Word

November 28th, 2016by shatterediris

If I had to choose one word to describe myself….. The word would be “Disappointment” it’s a good word…. Is interesting that I choose that word right now, I feel like in the past many different words were in that place…. Words like “Worthless”, “loser”, “useless”, and “******” upon many others, all of those words are carved into my skin as a reminder that I once used them to describe myself. Now I have a new word, it makes me wonder if this too will be carved into my skin at some point…. It’s kind of a long one, it would be hard to fit on just as “worthless” was…. Probably would be barely legible. -_-

I do hope that none of you have words like this for yourselves…. I also hope that you’re all having good days…. My day has been a bit less than good…. -_-

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