One Word

November 28th, 2016by shatterediris

If I had to choose one word to describe myself….. The word would be “Disappointment” it’s a good word…. Is interesting that I choose that word right now, I feel like in the past many different words were in that place…. Words like “Worthless”, “loser”, “useless”, and “faggot” upon many others, all of those words are carved into my skin as a reminder that I once used them to describe myself. Now I have a new word, it makes me wonder if this too will be carved into my skin at some point…. It’s kind of a long one, it would be hard to fit on just as “worthless” was…. Probably would be barely legible. -_-

I do hope that none of you have words like this for yourselves…. I also hope that you’re all having good days…. My day has been a bit less than good…. -_-

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