Question for U.S. citizens on election day

November 8th, 2016by mysteriousvisitor

Disclaimer: I understand that not all suicidal people have a mental illness (in fact, probably a minority) and that what constitutes a mental illness is subjective. However, popular (read: brainwashed) opinion considers suicidal ideation as a symptom of mental illness, so all here are branded as mentally ill regardless of our situations.

As to my question:

Are you as infuriated as I am by the majority of candidates wishing to relegate us, along with all others diagnosed with a mental illness, to the status of second-class citizens? That they consider our Constitutional rights to be of no importance and our lives not worth defending? (Let me get this straight: they don’t want us to kill ourselves, but if someone breaks into our home it’s perfectly okay for THAT person to kill us. Got it.)

Does it infuriate you that most of them are openly advocating sanctioned discrimination against anyone diagnosed as mentally ill? (They talk about reducing the stigma against those diagnosed with mental illness, while simultaneously supporting legislation that discriminates against the same.)

At first I thought, why bother voting? Then I realized that is exactly what they want! The laws currently violate more than one of our Constitutional rights, and in some cases permanently deprive us of one of them. Eventually, they will argue in favor of revoking our right to vote.

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