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November 18th, 2016by shatterediris

Well, so I wrote this…. scared to share as always as I really hate it…. Maybe if I tried harder I would get something better out of me…. Something cohesive and something that doesn’t sound mildly crazy…. I kind of don’t want to talk about why I wrote this, the subject manner is kind of shameful. -_- This was kind of directed at a person, but I don’t want to just give it to that person…. It feels less weird giving it to many people instead, and I kind of hope in a way that that person doesn’t see this, or gets made at me…. (Please don’t hate me) -_- I’m sorry about posting this here, I always want to show people these things and I just felt like starting this tonight and it got done too late to show anybody (as a person called me and distracted me for like 3 hours midway threw) grrrr I’m sorry 🙁 I know it’s shitty and sucks and shouldn’t exist -_- and the formatting really doesn’t mean anything that was simply to make it easier for me to keep track of, and may make it a bit easier to read -_- I just chose 8’s and didn’t really care about trasnfering ideas over or such, I thought about posting with no spaces, but it just looked too crowded -_- sorry :/


I devour your beating heart

My mind goes blank, time to restart

I’m sorry that I am so dark

I want to go to the park

And love you, and just cuddle

Thoughts of you turn me to a puddle

But that is just fine

Because I will break your spine


So that you can never leave me

So that I will never grieve see

Please just be mine forever

I know that’s a pointless endeavor

But I hatched a plan so clever

When you walk in I’ll pull that lever

And you’ll be caught forever

I’ll hold you with a tether


Dress you up in the finest leather

Then you will be my treasure

That’s only how I feel

Doing that would make me ill

Instead I’ll just show you love

Hold you up, high above

The horizon and all the stars

Start disguising all my scars


Because you make me better

I latch on to every letter

That you type and send to me

Yes you did rescue me

Made me a bit happier

I was crying like Eeyore

You make me want to be a whore

Because it’s you I do adore


Sadly I’m asexual

Sex with me is conceptual

Only, as it is disgusting

But as I grow more trusting

I may be able to try

Please don’t hate me if I cry

I don’t understand the reason why

This fear I can’t justify


But you make me feel so frail

Make my skin turn so pale

Make my thoughts turn to a flurry

Make me scared and start to worry

At the thought of you lost

My heart grows cold like frost

I love you, please believe me

I love you, please don’t leave me

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