December 24th, 2016by mysteriousvisitor

According to this FDA report, when some patients switched from brand name Wellbutrin to generic Bupropion manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals they reported a worsening of both their depression symptoms and side effects. This report concludes that the normal reoccurrence of depression in treated patients accounts for these experiences.

Recently my doctor took my Bupropion dosage from 150 milligrams to 300 milligrams (which is a very common thing to do because the higher dosage is a typical maintenance dose) and I noticed that it stopped working. I was most of the way through the bottle when I realized the manufacturer (Actavis Pharma which was purchased by Teva) was different from the company that had manufactured the 150 milligram pills (Par Pharma).

It doesn’t make sense that this was the placebo effect because I didn’t notice the change in manufacturers until I had taken approximately 25 of the pills. A natural reoccurrence of depression doesn’t really make sense either because this was 10 months into my treatment and the drop-off in effectiveness was drastic and sudden.

I have since switched to Costco because they are so much less expensive and my new insurance doesn’t have very good prescription coverage. The Bupropion from Costco is manufactured by Anchen, which was purchased by Par Pharmaceuticals, so I’m hoping it will start working again.

Has anyone else here experienced anything like this?

EDIT: I included an update in the comments.

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